Road book

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From Fianarantsoa, drive south on RN7.
37 kms past Ambalavao, directly below two rocky outcrops purposedly named The South’s gates (border between betsileo and Bara tribal territories), turn south (left) just before the village of Tanambao and follow obvious tracks 10 kms to Vohitsaoka. Tracks are very decent, traveled everyday by buses and lorries from Ambalavao. Few forks, straightforward, easy to follow.

Vohitsaoka is also the end of public transportation and budget travelers will have to pick up on foot from there.
Other travelers should use a 4wd or at least a vehicle with good ground clearance which is plenty enough.
Through the villages follow road signs from Camp Catta and Tsara Camp then you just have to follow the most obvious tracks. It wind through following the river course, crossing ditches and streamlets for a dozen kilometers.
Juste after a very narrow stretch you will understand that you’re getting closer. The Tsaranoro dominates all of the valley. You can see the camp location on the southern edge of Tsaranoro forest just below Langela summit (The chameleon for tourists!)
The tracks keep on making through and you will soon drive past Tsara camp on the left, alittle further you will leave the Camp Catta sign pass on your right to reach the village of Soavahiny.
We’re a just after the village, the turn off on the right properly signaled with a standing stone and you will eventually end up on the reception area. Enjoy the drive or the hike, …

Those tracks becam through seasons an obsession for Wood En Stock. Thanks again to BEAL unconditionnal support, we try to establish a pico forest gallery along this road. We started in 2005 and oldest sections are turning into beautiful alleys. There are still long stretches where fire dominates but no matter what, the road forest is growing and expanding. We even started to replant fruit trees and ornemental species once some kind of vegetal protection is established.
A total of over 30 kms of road (almost 50,000 trees) are growing for future generations, so enjoy it, it is not so usual around here !

Transfers can be done with vehicles or on foot. Many clients prefer to hike instead of renting a costly and polluting 4wd and on demand we send porters to help with luggages and guiding. We totally encourage this option as its a splendid hike on a little traveled road. So, if you came in our mountains to hike, don’t hesitate, walk it along with the locals always on the move on foot, on bikes and on oax carts, agreat experience awaits !