Nature insolite au coeur de Madagascar


5 units with private baths, spacious and comfortable.
All open showers with hot water. Some well finished bungalows with exceptionnal views for our most demanding visitors, …


      Vatolahy Single earth dome. 1 room with twin beds, a living room, an open bathroom, light, 12V plugs, 220V converter, private terrace


      Tokotelo Triple earth dome. 2 rooms, 1 with a double bed, the other with twin beds plus a smaller bed in the living. Great private baths, lights, 12V plugs, 220V... Read More


      A master of the world balcony, a double bed upstairs, a single downstair and enough space to add an extra bed, private terrace, lights, 12V plugs, 220V converter.


      The most luminous of our bungalows. A very panoramic living with a single bed, an other double bed upstairs, indoor baths, lights, 12v plugs, 220V converter.


      A double bed up the mezzanine, a single bed plus an extra one for kids, a private outdoors baths, lights, 12V plugs, 220V converter, a very quiet unit


      Double earth dome with one double bed and one single bed, spacious baths, lights, 12V plugs, 220V converter, private terrace