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We don’t force a Zen attitude while you’re here ! Vacations in the valley are actually quite active. No mechanical sports, no quads, outdoors and unforgettable views are a constant in Tsaranoro valley.

Development started here with the first climbers inciting us to establish a camp which ultimately became Camp Catta. It’s normal then if climbing remains a highlight of a local bucket list. For the beginners or the most skilled ones, you’ll find what you want amongst over a hundred bolted routes from short ones to the longest big walls (up to 23 pitches). Plus, of course, landscaped bouldering areas amongst thousands of them. Local climbers will show you the opportunities offered by local granites and gear is available for rent.


Hiking is however, the most current activity and everybody ends up hiking around. Well, those mountains are shaped for it and wether an easy stroll through the forest or up the sharpest summits, you will find prints for your feet wether you feel like a jumping lemur or an hesitating chameleon. Some hikes and tours can be done by yourself although a lot of them will require an experienced guide for trails, sometimes acrobatic and hard to follow.
Guides and trackers are available upon request.
We offer the option for all types of treks, along the Zomandao gorges, up pic Boby, around Tsaranoro and further, just as long as you wish, …


Mountain biking is turning as an option with a few bikes available in the valley. A few tracks wind through and we are currently working on a single track tour of the valley. Tsarasoa is also becoming a choice stop for raiders on the move. If you dare a bit of X-Country then this valley is for you.

The Sahanambo river

The Sahanambo river offers sit-on and inflatable rides. Despite its seasonnal levels drying out the rocky sections, paddling down these meanders offers unique panoramas on the mountains surrounding the valley. Open to all paddlers, even beginners.
We also run longer runs, more engaged combined with treks or train rides !
The Vatomay stream (between Tsaranoro and Langela) offers only natural pools and a few falls between boulders, perfect natural pools under lemur’s scrutinyguided trips from .


Paragliding also grew quickly since the first flights in the 90’s. The site gained a great reputation and despite a mountainous aerology, flight conditions can be perfects at interseasons (spring and fall) and take you way above the summits. Some unforgettable flights solo or on tandem flights with our local instructor.
Some paragliding companies organise guided trips from France and Reunion ( ).I guess I have to mention the good base jumping exits as well, …


For those who just wants to hang around, slack line, chess and decks, astronomical telescope, petanque, massage room and a library will keep you busy if you wish so, …