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A country flavored table, bio, local, opened onto the world and spices of Gondwana.
Our kitchen follows the rythm of the seasons and adapts to an healthy, active and curious clientele. We have the experience to manage particular diets and allergies becoming unfortunately commons with our foreign guests.

We favor veges and salads. Without being a vege or vegan table, we do try to limit our use of red meats. Lots of poultry, a few fresh water fishes from the valley, veges grown locally when available, pasta (unfortunately mostly imported), valley’s rices, seeds, eggs, only healthy products, fresh ones with countryside flavors.


Cooking is either on eucalyptus charcoal or our own homegrown wood and that’s what give this earthy flavors to our meals. The nostalgics will love this past farmer’s scents and tastes.
Water comes from a mountain spring we captured on foot of Langela (Le Cameléon). For your comfort of mind we even added an extra filter to it. Water is FREE, and will remain such, it’s part of human rights and we will never under any occasions sell bottled mineral water.

Drink & Food

Soft drinks are exclusively conditioned in glass bottles. No plastic at the bar, we prefer to handle the transport of empty bottles, it’s part of our environmental dedication.
No menus, the kitchen works according to deliveries and seasonnal productions.
We are totally conscious of allergies and special diets, but please remind the team upon arrival.

Market gardening

We are expanding our veges gardens , trying to apply principles of permaculture and put a lot of efforts into soil rehabilitation as only bio and local composts are used on the farm. An healthy soil does not need fertilizers to produce veges and fruits.
That’s a long process initiated a decenny ago and it already allows a growing production.

Some of our rebuilt soils are already teaming with life and produce all year round. Insects and mushrooms maintain a high fertility level and constraint diseases and predators at a bearable level.


Still far from self sufficiency but we do our best to develop our orchards and are growing over 2,000 fruit trees on the land. Poultry is developing. Curing, drying, smoking some of our food, we slowly progress towards a very very local table.

No pesticides, no chemicals, no GMO’s, ancient seeds (Europe and the US banned them, Kokopelli transmitted them (, that’s also where this concept of perma lodge takes its full dimension.