Still developing, tsarasoa offers simple accomodation.
We went to the basics, bed, mosquito net, table, a bit of light, but always with killer views.

We offer bungalows either simple or more comfortables, simple roundavel huts, a large independant family house and tent space (with dining area, kitchen, water, light).

Camping site

Our capacity soars around 40 people split as :

3 studios (1 double + 1 single) with private baths
1 studio (1 double + 3 single) with private baths
1 twin bungalow with private baths
3 bungalows twin/double with shared baths
1 large family house for up to 8 persons with private baths, equiped kitchen, dining area

7 huts with shared baths
1 covered restaurant (35 persons capacity)
Terraces for 30 persons
1 bar lounge of 40 M2 with terraces
1 campground for 7 tents


All our energy comes from renewable sources, solar and wind.
For everybody, 12V USB chargers available and 220V on demand.
Our minimalist approach encourages to restrain your energy needs.

Switch off the lights behind you, listen to birds rather than your iPod,
get in tunes with Nature.


In the same line, we ask you to watch your water uses.
It is a precious ressource and absolutely limited. Source of all life, it has to remain accessible to most without risking that touristic development means lack of clean water in the villages.
Our strategies of collect/infiltration of rain waters rejuvenated two springs and a few basins mainly on the lower part of the hill we’re settled on.

Thank you to help us manage this priceless gift of Nature with equity.

Accommodation choices