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At the crossroads of a more responsible tourism and a very eco-sensitive approach, we welcome you to the heart of Sahanambo. Tsarasoa is a brand new infrastructure that emerges from the earth and develops at the rhythm of Nature, at the foot of the summit of Langela, facing Tsaranoro, on the western flank of the Andringitra massif, in Madagascar, 23° south of the Earth’s equator, 9th planet of the solar system, constellation of the Zodiac, galaxy among galaxies, somewhere lost in an apparently infinite and constantly evolving universe.

The very design of this perma lodge ( permaculture ) is resolutely original.

Here, neither square nor compass, our installations follow the ground as closely as possible and play by the architectural rules; you are in the heart of Gondwana.


Ecolodge de charmes à Madagascar

We wanted to create a unique space, with a definitely positive ecological balance, where you can really relax and detach yourself from your reality, without moods or bad conscience. Everything here is powered by solar, wind and local elbow grease. No generator humming, a kitchen mainly made of wood and charcoal, a totally organic food production in constant progression, a well-established orchard, a growing forest, our choices are irrevocable, interplanetary, …

Rustic, it does not mean “Goodbye Comfort darling”; despite a real economy of means, we cocoon very well in Tsarasoa. Our table is excellent, the sanitary facilities are exceptional, the mosquito nets are spacious and the landscape is magnificent from all beds. You will be surprised by everything we have to offer you and you will have a hard time leaving us to return to a world that will seem very Manichean to you after this stage away from modern times.

The estate also houses the nurseries and the office of the Wood En Stock association, committed to sustainable development and reforestation, which initiated the 134U (One Tree For You) project that will allow you to compensate for your stay with us. We do not claim to qualify as an eco lodge, as this term has such a commercial resonance, but rest assured that we are doing everything we can to be the very first of the “Perma lodges”. To do this, we adopt the most respectful solutions for our environment, while maintaining a hosting standard that is not so spartan, …


The Sakafo

Our cuisine follows the rhythm of the seasons and is perfectly adapted to a sporty and curious clientele. Treat your taste buds!


We adopt the most environmentally friendly solutions, while maintaining quality hosting.

The Hosting

Classic or comfortable bungalows, simple round huts, large self-contained family house and camping sites.

The Location

On the western side of the Andringitra massif, in Madagascar, with a breathtaking view. Return to Mother Nature…



Après 21 kms de piste cahoteuse, l'arrivée est absolument Whaouhhh : un paysage à couper le souffle, des chambres rondes confortables, une douche et un WC immenses, à ciel ouvert sur la falaise et la vallée ( on peut y rester des heures ! ), un jardin coquet, un accueil où le sourire est une évidence , c'est juste inoubliable , n'hésitez pas ... venez au Tsarasoa Camp!

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Nous avons passés les fêtes de fin d'année au tsarasoa Avec ma petite famille ce fut des vacances inoubliables et riche en émotion . Bungalow confort et d'un luxe pour notre part , les toilettes avec des vues magnifiques et une équipe adorable .Merci aux personnels du tsarasoa pour leurs accueils en OR

Brain Storm

Tsarasoa is not a classic lodge. Our environmental commitment and inflexible desire to develop in harmony with Nature and surrounding communities pushes us to make technical and/or philosophical choices that may seem incompatible with the requirements of your customers. This is quite possible and if you are looking for a more refined comfort, a more visible luxury, then look to our colleagues who do an excellent job. Here, we cultivate the Natural.